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This tutorial will address: What are Learning Styles?The idea that learning styles exist is an extrapolation of the theory of multiple intelligence, postulated by Howard Gardner (1983), who identified several “intelligences” including: visual, verbal-linguistic, mathematical, visual-spatial, interpersonal, musical, naturalistic, bodily-kinesthetic, and intrapersonal.ABSTRACT: Research problem: Instructional screencasts are increasingly part of the online tutorial mix offered by academic libraries.

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However, what makes for effective screencast design?

This research provides a snapshot of screencast design in Australian and New Zealand academic libraries and appraises it through the lens of multimedia learning theory.

By Darren West, Joe Pearce and Moira Chance (2010) Various theories on learning have been developed with increasing frequency in the last few decades.

In order to understand the relationship between these theories, Curry's onion model (Curry, 1983) was developed with four layers -- personality learning theories, information processing theories, social learning theories, and multidimensional and instructional theories.

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