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Living in Los Angeles means crawling to Malibu on the PCH but feeling the opposite of stressed about it. Living in Los Angeles means eating your salad alfresco as you watch cars slowly inch down Melrose. Being told you are a type, and either accepting or changing it.

The slower you go, the easier it is to stare at the waves. It means needing a headshot in order to secure a job serving people salads. Living in Los Angeles means getting coffee for someone or telling someone to get coffee for you. Los Angeles is a place of transformation, both good and bad.

Its unique history and tradition of diversity rank the city among other great pockets of Southern California.

Many people that are a part of the Montebello Armenian community are descendants of the displaced peoples from Russia during the aftermath of WWII.

An Armenian American soldier called General George Mardikian, can be credited with helping make Montebello the first Armenian enclave in Southern California.

Hi everyone, I'm sure this subject has been discussed one way or another in Hyeforum. As immigrants to America and having "American" education? Some of the education I have received has directly challenged or negated the norms, values and/or expectations of my culture, yet I think I have found the balance of allowing the former to open me up whilst the latter I practice daily.

I can say so much, yet the prevailing thought is that if both the male and female are educated (the more so the better in this regard) they are able to build a union wherein both have close to equal rights and respect.

In 1917, oil was discovered in the Montebello hills which dramatically changed the face of city.But I'd like to revive it and ask this: how do you feel about the state of marriage in Armenian-American culture? Or having "American" education yet trying to preserve Armenian customs? I will elaborate later re how it has affected my relationship(s). Of course, this issue is not exclusive to Armenians, yet it is a very valid concern for us.Montebello became part of the SOAR family in March of 2016.Located in the Southwestern area of the San Gabriel Valley and East of downtown Los Angeles, Montebello is home to the oldest Armenian community in Los Angeles County dating back to the late 1940s.

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Some examples observed in the Armenian culture (of the top of my head)- Separation of men and women in social events- Lack of displays of affection in public (hand-holding)- Women scolded for expressing their views - Not sharing household chores equallyetc.

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