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The documentary captures the challenges that these three individuals face when trying to use online dating website platforms or dating apps that are not accessible to blind users.

“When you look at Tinder or or any of the apps that are available, there’s no description of the person.

If it turns into more, great, but don't worry ahead of time that it won't." Here are David's five things to remember on a blind date. "No matter what you're told about the person you're set up with, resist the urge to ask for a lot of details.

The more you know in advance, the more biased (for better or worse) you'll be.

Dating websites, which are by nature visual platforms, add an inherent level of complication for blind or visually impaired users.

In an age of Tinder and Ok Cupid, almost every date is a blind date these days. We interviewed Anna David, a journalist who writes frequently about sex and relationships and the editor of , an anthology of dating disaster stories.

"The minute you hear the words 'blind' and 'date,' you'll probably feel nervousor maybe even filled with dread—no matter how much you trust the person who's setting you up," says David.

You could also go for a walk—that gives you something to talk about without that uncomfortable moment of figuring out the check.

Leave a little time open afterward, in case the date goes well and you want to keep hanging out."Don't conduct an interview.

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It's OK to Google someone before a date or check them out quickly on Facebook, but no good comes from memorizing their history or scrounging for information about their exes."Don't do dinner. Sitting down to a meal means you'll be stuck for at least an hour.

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