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They always greet and farewell with a handshake, and often exchange friendly hugs with friends.

Family members exchange hugs and kisses on the cheek when greeting each other.

In this social context, Cubans immerse themselves in a very informal, laidback environment.

As is common of a people under constant watch of the government, Cubans find great satisfaction in the relaxed environment of a social context.

Both of these favorable factors helped place Cuba 58th on the list of 174 countries surveyed [source: PBS].

He was 71 when he traveled to Cuba from Spain, looking for love. ‘‘she always told me that the age difference didn’t matter and that she liked mature men,’’ Perez said in a letter posted in the Spanish Embassy as a warning to his countrymen.

A MARRIED MAN A few months after their marriage, the woman stole his car and abandoned him, he alleged in the letter. Yuneisy Perez, 29, married a Mexican man, only to find out that he already had a wife.

‘‘I ended up living in an apartment he rented for me in Mexico, but he seldom slept there,’’ she said.

Social Life in Cuba The social life in Cuba is immersed in traditional Cuban culture of music and dance.

People often gather around the traditional Cuban cuisine, or share an afternoon at a sporting event.

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Love, whether a life-long partnership or a night-long fling, is never easy.

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