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"Recently, my 320GB external hard disk of Samsung had seen its day. I take good care of it and it hasn't undergone any tiny drop or improper usage. The hard drive shows up in the new computer as 'Local Disk (M:)' when it is connected to computer via the USB port.

Before I get too far along, it is probably a good idea to take a moment to talk about hard drives and to point out that these days hard drives seem to come with a mix of attributes, two of which are very pertinent to Windows Home Server v1. Hard drives consume power and lately drive manufacturers have produced lines of ‘regular power’ drives and ‘low power (aka ‘Green’)’ drives.This unhelpful message appeared on my computer today when moving some files.I run Active Directory and Roaming Profiles so my first thought was if I’d set a user disk quota, however this wasn’t the case.Traditionally hard drives have come with a data sector size of 512 bytes, but in their quest to increase the storage capacity of drives, manufacturers have started moving to a much more efficient 4 Kbytes sector size.This isn’t much of a problem aside from the fact that older operating systems don’t handle 4K sectors drives very well.

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