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For instance, there was a Japanese Kanji character used in place of the Chinese Hanzi character 将, showing that the creator of the flyers most likely had a poor grasp of cultural differences.The grammar and sentence structure is also very robotic, likely due to translation software use.No matching visible profile(s) found on the RSVP database.NOTE - there may be hidden profiles which match your search criteria.Check out for a live feed of up to the minute things to do, gigs, entertainment and events.

We've been chatting to the fabulous people behind one of our favourite hostels in Australia, Habitat HQ, which you'll find in St Kilda, Melbourne. Next month we are launching ' Work, Live, Love Melbourne' which is an all-inclusive package providing guests with a combination of must dos and leisure time favourites.

Furthermore they reported that the found an hyperlink to the Antipodean Resistance website on the back of one of the flyers.

Antipodean Resistance, a white nationalist group, seem to be the most likely source of these flyers.

It is most likely they used the logos of the NUS, MSA and CSSA to spread their hateful messages towards the Chinese community and to sow discord among Melburnians.

Crabb and Sales are having a meal together when Crabb has a sudden desire to podcast and suggests they head up to her hotel room.

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She heard him mention Hot Gozzip and then noticed that some of his friends had nodded their heads and smiled.

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