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Everything you need for a delicious Maui Christmas Dinner.To send out 2016 and welcome in the 2017 New Year with ease, we’ve cooked up a delicious carryout party package for you to fully enjoy celebrate Maui New Years without doing all the preparation or cooking.One obituary in particular caught my eye, of a 93-year-old woman named Te’amalelalolagi Lale Igafo-Saole.Born in 1920 in American Samoa, she would have witnessed vast changes in Samoa and Hawaii, from World War II through today’s mass tourism.When I travel, I always get the local newspaper (provided I can read the language) to get the flavor of a city’s life and politics.

It is so much fun to look back at seventeen years worth of friendship through photo albums.In Waikiki, the Honolulu visitor epicenter, the warm ocean waves lap the beach by the hula dancers.Santa stands under a swaying palm tree, by the light of a sparkling moon and flaming torches.I am just wondering if the action taken by law enforcement was by the books and legal. We met in Driver’s Training at the ripe ol’ age of 15.

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  1. His coach and teammates are sticking with their quarterback and the official story that whatever happened that prompted coach Jeff Fisher to alert police to help locate Young and check on his emotional well-being was just a misunderstanding.